Ari Aster's Hereditary was a masterful horror film that was released when all Hollywood seemed to able to offer was senseless slasher films. Concentrating on psychological and religious themes, adding great characters and allowing much to ones own imagination, his first major horror is already considered a classic. So his follow up film MIDSOMMAR, had me ready for yet another brilliant escape into the world of horror. But, I am afraid this second film fails on many levels. Cinematography and acting aside (both excellent).. it is the story itself and the delivery of that story that lets the audience down. Simple plot of a group of university students go to Sweden to do study work on an alternative culture. One member has some incredible baggage to bring along but this baggage has little to do with the film itself. It is pretty clear where the movie is heading. The well meaning intention of the students soon turns into a struggle for survival with a very very predictable ending (Aster tries to make the ending interesting with all kinds of bizarre rituals and images that really do not make any sense) The problem here is that Aster slow burn methodology is WAY too slow... well over two hours of movie where virtually nothing happens only to end in a bizarre climax which we knew was coming all along. This movie is 40 years late. Watching Rosemary"s baby in 1967 for the first time was very much a slow burn film with a riveting climax that shocked everyone. There are many parallels to this film with Rosemary Baby. The big difference is the audience. What shocked and amazed us 40 years ago cannot possibly work in 2019. So the two hour journey is long winded and uninspiring. Will wait for film three to see if Aster really has the goods or if his first was a one hit wonder. Disappointing!

I give it a 6/10