The canteen has special Christmas hours and sales! The perfect place to buy all your Christmas gift needs.
20% discount on all in store items until Christmas day!
Hours of operation.....
       Tuesday Decemeber 10th to Saturday December 14th... 11 to 7
       Sunday December 15th... 12 to 4
       Monday December 16th to Saturday December 21st... 11 to 7
       Sunday December 22nd... 12 to 5
       Monday December 23rd... 11 to 7
       Tuesday December 24th... 11 to 4

Then for boxing week, why not come in and spend your Christmas gift money on something you really like!
25% off all instore purchases!!!
Hours of operation.....
       Thursday December 26th to Saturday December 28th... 11 to 6
       Tuesday December 31th....11 to 4

Welcome to the Hollywood Canteen!

A store in Toronto that caters to film enthusiasts around the world, be it student, professional or just plain fan we have something for you! The Canteen has the world's largest selection of film books, both in and out of print, covering all disciplines in film. In addition we have a wide assortment of television and film scripts and movie posters both original and reproductions from 1940 to present day. Mike's Movie Pick of the Month:

The main store at 1841 Danforth now caters to all your collectible needs.....
books, posters, photos, and stamps.
Sadly, our stamp store on Mt. Pleasant is now closed.

Have any other questions on what we might have? Email

1841 Danforth Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M4C 1J3
(416) 536-6546